Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some great deals

I thought I would share some after Christmas sale items that I bought for next year. I think part of being a teacher is finding good sales.

Top left - pencil sharpeners
Top right - gift bags
Bottom left -kaleidoscopes
Bottom right - Pencils

Top left - Activity books
Top right - erasers
Bottom left - duh ;-) tootsie rolls - I am using these as Valentine's Day gifts, they were on sale for $0.50
Bottom right -  Snowman tic-tac-toe or is it? I thought I would use this for word building and word families.
Everything was on sale for half price and nothing was over $1.00.

I also give my students a book and thanks to Scholastic I have those. I had ordered books for my class this year but the ones I ordered were back ordered, no problem because I had some books I had ordered last year and the same thing had happened (at no fault to Scholastic). We had finished a unit on gingerbread men and I was going to give them a book about the gingerbread man. 
Well what makes this so great is that Scholastic sent me a coupon for every book I ordered that was back ordered and on top of that the books actually came the same day I received the part of my order that wasn't back ordered. You ask how did this happen? We had been out of school for snow! I am so excited because now I have over $50.00 worth of coupons for books for my classroom.

I hope everyone is enjoying a great beginning to another year. I am trying hard to enjoy the next two days because I go back to school Monday. I am excited to see my students but I could really use one more week. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to get some pictures posted once I get back to school. 

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