Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tips and Tricks

Today was the students first day back and I am exhausted :0). I thought I would start the year off by sharing some pictures and ideas of things that I use in my classroom. I will call these post "Tips and Tricks"  I plan on adding at least one each week. I love things that make my days easier. I hope that you will find something that you may want to use in your classroom and I would love to hear about things you use to make your days easier and your classroom more organized.

Our season changed from Fall to Winter so my students worked on a winter mobile. What I wanted to share is how I display my students work outside of our classroom door. I have a small area just outside my door before you get into the hall and I like to use this area to display work. 

I use clothespins that I hot glued to the wall. I have to stop and say I love the fact that you can hot glue to the walls and it stays!!!!! If you have never used hot glue I strongly suggest trying it, it does not damage the wall (if you have block walls) and once it has cooled and you are ready to hang something new  you can pop the cooled glue off. I use a paint scraper to pry the glue off. Just a word of advice if you glue something and you don't like were it is and want to move it, you will need to wait until the glue has cooled. I speak from experience.
My theme is frogs so I bought these cute stars at the Dollar Tree (love that place) and hot glued them to the clothespin. I can change these out easily for the new school year, last year I had blue ribbons. 

I hope you will check back in to see more "Tips and Tricks" that I use in my classroom.

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