Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sneezy the Snowman

Sneezy the Snowman 
Last week after we talked about winter and all of the snow we had during our Christmas break I read Sneezy the Snowman.
The students then made their own snowmen using shaving creme and white paint. (I read on another blog that you can just mix Elmer glue with the shaving cream).
The students used cotton balls to paint with instead of a paintbrush. Some of them didn't really look like a snowman but oh well sometimes we don't follow directions:o) (yes I need to put the edges on my mats but I had left these at home in my garage and can't remember to bring them)

I gave the students a small piece of construction paper and showed them how they could cut shapes (rectangles and squares) to make the hat and scarf for thier snowmen.
I only gave the students one color and I told them they could ask someone else for some of their extra paper. I thought this was a good way for students to learn to work together. The students were so excited when someone would share there extra paper. We talked about how nice it was to share with others.
I gave each student a small square of red tissue paper and told them they could use their white crayon to make dots on their snowman's handkerchief. (I know some of them still don't look like snowmen).

I used a clip to hang up the book with the student's pictures. 
The student's really enjoyed this book and making their own Sneezy.

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  1. This is such a cute project!! I know my second grade boy students would especially love making the tissues with the white "spots" on it!!
    Your blog is super cute and has some great ideas! Consider me a new follower :)