Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tips and Tricks - More Organizing

Here are a few more items that I use in my classroom for storage and displaying things that we use on a daily basis.

This is one of my carts that I keep stickers, rewards, misc. things in. The bottom drawer just has paper in it now. I used the clear plastic pockets that you can use for name tags to label the contents of each drawer. I slid in a smaller name tag backed with bright colored card stock to get the size I needed. These labels make it quick and easy to find these items.  I have another cart this size and one that has five drawers instead of just three. I keep math manipulatives in the larger one.
I found these at Target for $2.50 they are hung near my filing cabinet. I keep copies and extra practice in these. This is normally work that has already been taught, this is great to have in the event you get sick in the middle of the night and need a sub but don't have anything ready. ( I live 30 minutes from my school, I am lucky enough to have a great friend that I can e-mail something if I need to) I also have my work in another area for each day of the week, but I like having this in case a sub needed something else to do.
These are sight word cards, I use those cheap plastic CD sleeves, the top ones are hot glued to the top of a rail over a bulletin board and the bottom ones are stapled. Whats great is that I just slide the cards in as they are introduced. These are located in our meeting area, I also keep a set  that I use as flash cards.
This is just a closer look at some that don't have cards in them yet. I bought these at the Dollar Tree and there were 40 in a pack. The pack I bought had four different colors in them, so I had to get enough so they would all be the same. I OCD like that and yes the spacing and some not straight bothers me but it was time to get words up so I had to let it be.

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