Sunday, May 1, 2011

Great Deal on Great Geysers Jar

In my previous post I showed my class using mentos to make a geyser. I found a kit at Cracker Barrel marked 50% off the regular price of $19.99. The one I had used was borrowed from another teacher so as soon as I saw this one I had to get it. This kit comes with more experiments than just the geyser. I can't wait to use this next year.

Here is a Product Description

Be Amazing! Toys Great Geysers Jar Learn how the Mentos Geyser became an overnight internet sensation as experimenters worldwide tried to uncover the secret erupting power of the popular mint candy. Something amazing happens when Mentos and diet soda mix ... people scream with excitement! This kit gives you the tools to make your own erupting soda fountain. Perform more than a dozen soda pop science experiments as you discover the power in the pop! Use the new Depth Charger to erupt the geyser with salt or other common household items. Make dancing noodles and much more. Activities include: Dancing noodles Soda can shake up The Mentos mystery Load and drop the depth charge The C02 Myth Includes: Mentos Chewy mints Magnifying glass Macaroni Sodium Bicarbonate Geyser tube Depth charge New caps Citric acid Rock salt Salt

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